Friday, June 28, 2013

Old West Day 3: Bighorn Mountains, Shell Falls, Buffalo Bill Center of the West, and Cody, Wyoming

Today we left South Dakota for Wyoming, the Equality State. 

 With 97,000 square miles, and only 576,512 people, there is certainly the possibility of equal space for all.  I loved the big blue sky, lush prairie, red rock, and deep green forests.  While it would have been great to spend more time walking and less time bussing, we could not otherwise have traveled so far in such a short time.  We went almost the entire width of Wyoming.  It was worth it!
We traveled through the Bighorn Mountains,
stopped for a break and photos at Shell Falls
and visited Buffalo Bill Center of the West, in Cody.  Buffalo Bill was the most famous American of his time, quite a character.  
Hologram of Buffalo Bill
Sitting Bull's Tomahawk
Bear Claw Necklace

The museum displays old Indian relics, like Sitting Bull's tomahawk, as well as beautiful contemporary Native American crafts, paintings, and sculptures.

We spent the night in Cody at the Irma Hotel. While the rooms were modern enough, the rest of the hotel gave me the feeling that Miss Kitty or Marshal Dillon might step into the hallway at any minute.

Irma Hotel
Tonight we had our choice of entertainment.  I chose the Dan Miller Music Review in a renovated theater across the street from the hotel.  Dan, his daughter and two other performers sang songs of the old west, some made famous by the Sons of the Pioneers.  We loved it!  Others attended the Cody Night Rodeo and said that was fun too.

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