Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Road Scholar Trip to the Old West

And "Now" as they say…. "for something totally different."

You may have noticed there hasn't been much wandering on this wandering site lately.  A few weeks ago I realized I had to "just do it" if I was ever going to.

Ever heard of Elder Hostel?  It's an educational organization for older folks.  At least that was the original premise.  Short programs in all types of subjects were offered in interesting places around the world using inexpensive accommodations like college dorm rooms.  I received their catalogs a few years back.

So with the wander bug biting, I looked them up again.  Seems they've changed their name to Road Scholar, and advanced age is no longer a requirement.  There are still lots of programs nationally and internationally, so I took a look to see what might fit my schedule and budget.  I settled on a trip to South Dakota and Wyoming that ticked off several items on my bucket list.

On to Day 1

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