Thursday, June 30, 2016

Utah National Parks

I'm parking this here so I can find it when I'm ready for this trip.  I wish it also included campgrounds and cheap motels!

Utah National Parks

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lucy the "house" cat

This black cat with white paws and chest looks so formal I've been calling him Tux, for Tuxedo. I thought of him as mine because I didn't know his history. Now I find his/her name is really Lucy. Oh well.

She silently goes about her business somewhat aloof, but will allow herself to be petted if you know how.

She's probably a good mouser, or crabber, silently stalking the creatures that live in the beach grass. Or maybe she just appreciates nature as I do.

Can you see her?

Can you see her now?

I bet you can see her now!

She can see you!




Name this plant

Walking on a nature trail at Eden Gardens State Park I came upon this lacy plant that I had never seen before.

It reminded me of a sponge, but very delicate looking.

There might have been millions of them!

Here's a close-up with a solitary mushroom to give you an idea of the size.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

By the beautiful sea

The sea has been quite calm the last few days but I could hear the wind picking up last night.

This is the view I awakened to this morning, huge clouds, big surf, and a rainbow! A little later I even saw a dolphin, but they don't hold still for pictures.

Awesome? I think so. I often ask the locals if they ever get used to the beauty of the sea and they always answer no. And when I went down the road on my donut run this morning there were people all along the beach taking pictures. I don't think they're all tourists.

One solitary jogger.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Attack of the killer pine cone

As I was hiking at falling Waters State Park, I found a very large pine cone that I had the idea would make a perfect Christmas tree for my motel room. It was about 10 inches tall and quite regular and very beautiful.

So I picked it up. Bad idea! I should have been wearing potholders or something because that son of a gun bit me!

So I tipped it over carefully and took a picture of the underside and that's where I saw the teeth!  You might have to enlarge the picture, but look carefully and you'll see them. They even remind me of sharks' teeth.

Falling Waters State Park and Pine Log State Forest

I took a little field trip the other day, about an hour from Panama City Beach, to see  Falling Waters State Park. Other than a couple and their dog from the North Pole, I had it to myself.

(I'm editing on my iPad, and it won't let me scroll down after the first picture to complete my post. Very annoying! Anyway the pictures after the first two are of Pine Log State Forest.)

The water trickles down into a deep sink hole, and from there nobody knows.

The notable features of this state park are sinkholes including a very large one fed by a waterfall which disappears underground. Since it's been dry here lately, the falls were a bit skimpy but beautiful nonetheless.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sun, Surf, and Sand

My backyard for the next three months!

I arrived in Panama City Beach, Florida this afternoon after a long two day drive from Michigan. I was so tired, I forgot to say "hold the cheese" when I ordered my pizza. I'm sure I'll regret that tomorrow, but the Cottage Inn veggie special was delicious!

It was dark at 5pm. That was a surprise!  Guess I'll have to start the day early so I don't miss any Florida sunshine. Not much to unpack, and the forecast for tomorrow is a sunny 74, so what will it be: sand, surf, or spa?  Stay tuned!